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Thai Program

Primary Level
        Satit Udomseuksa School is committed to developing students to have knowledge, ability and effectiveness. Therefore, determining the appropriate teacher-to-student ratio and arrangement of small classes allows teachers to take care of each student’s needs.  The school aims to develop the students ability and potential in all aspects.  They will become leaders, good citizens and feel responsible for society and the nation.
        The curriculum in accordance with the basic education curriculum 8 learning strands which focuses in allowing students to discover their own abilities. Students will develop their capabilities and potential. During the 1st grade (Primary 1 - 3), students will learn the contents of all 8 groups as determined by the school.  During the 2nd grade (Primary 4 - 6), students will choose to study, in the subjects that they are interested in.  In addition, the school wants to focus on the students who are creative and able to solve problems systematically, scientifically thinking through processes and have computer skills.
        Teach students to have good skills and confidence in using the English language. For communication, learning and seeking knowledge.  Students will start learning English from foreign teachers until they are fluent in the use of the language.  Students will understand the importance of education.  Our teachers have knowledge, ability and have potential to take care of students through effective learning management.

Lower secondary education (Mathayom 1-3) is the last phase of compulsory education. It focuses on students to explore their abilitie, their own interests and promote personal development. Students will be able to critically think, be creativite and problem solve.  Students will also learn life skills and use technology as a learning tool. They will be socially responsible. Students will learn to balance knowledge, thought, goodness and pride in being Thai.

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Upper secondary education (Mathayom 4-6) focuses on increasing the students knowledge and specific skills.  Student's will be encouraged to develop their abilities, interests, both academic and professional, having skills in using technology.  They will be able to process new learnt knowledge for further study and occupations. They will be leaders and be responsible members of the community.

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