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School Facilities and Environment

At present, Satit Udomseuksa School has developed in many different ways, particularly its facilities and services, which are beneficial to all students and parents, as follows:

The school has 2 education buildings consisting of over 80 air-conditioned and fully-equipped classrooms (for both Thai and English teaching programs). In each building, sanitary toilets are available on each and every floor and are cleaned every hour; moreover, the school has 2 state-of-the-art computer rooms, with hi-speed Internet, supervised and advised by expert teachers.


The school has a standard swimming pool supervised by teachers for students’ safety and also has indoor and outdoor stadiums consisting of a football pitch, basketball court and volleyball court, etc., which are maintained all the time. The school also has a library, music room, activity room and video presentation room for knowledge-based and entertainment activities. All students can enter teachers’ rooms and ask for advice on their study or education-related problems at any time. Furthermore, the school has provided proper and adequate recreational and sitting areas for students under tree shades around the school; and the school also provides the shuttle bus services to facilitate all students and parents.

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