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  1. Students gain knowledge and skills from the school curriculum.

  2. To have the ability to pursuit knowledge on their own. Love to learn and continuously self-develop.

  3. Have the ability to communicate, solve problems, use technology and the ability to use the English language.

  4. To have morals, values and understand the principles of democracy and be self-sufficient in life.

  5. To have good holistic health and aesthetics.

  6. The school provides a high quality education, focusing on child centered learning. 

  7. Teachers make learning effective, focusing on researching new innovative technology to teach students. 

  8. The school has a good system and incentives for teachers and staff to have a stable career. They will have a good quality of life and be happy to work in the school for a long period. 

  9. Organized classroom environment that’s conducive to learning.  

  10. The school organizing educational activities within the local community. 

  11. The school has a strong internal quality assurance system. 

  12. The school has an efficient management system and identity. 

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