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English Program

Welcome to Satit Udomseuksa English Program


In the English Program, we follow the Thai Basic Education Curriculum B.E. 2551 (A.D. 2008), and teach all subjects in English, with the exception of Thai language and Thai Social Studies. The breakdown is 70% of lessons being taught in English and 30% taught in Thai. We have students from different nationalities studying in the English Program. This ensures that our students are exposed to many different cultures and backgrounds. We have native English and non-native English teachers and they are qualified to teach in the specific subjects. Our English Programme provides quality education to students from Primary 1 to Secondary 6.

We have a pivotal role to play within the School, providing the means for students to reach an advanced level of proficiency in English,  as well as to promote greater sensitivity to the literary and cultural traditions of the language in a global context.

Moreover, we aim to provide students with well-rounded, quality education in a safe and supportive environment.

We certainly allow opportunities for students to develop a range of academic, sporting, musical and other extracurricular interests.


Primary Level

Students will learn the contents of all 8 subject areas as determined by the school. The school  focuses on students who are creative and able to solve problems systematically, scientifically thinking through processes and enhance the abilities of students to be fluent and confident in using the English language.


Secondary Level

It focuses on students to explore their ability, their own interests and promote personal development.  Students will be able to critically think, be creativity and solve problems.  Students will also learn life skills and use technology as a learning tool along with their English proficiency.  They will be socially responsible. Students will learn to balance knowledge, thought and goodness. Student will be encouraged to develop their abilities, interests, both academic and professional, having skills in using technology.  They will be able to process new learnt knowledge for further study and occupations. 

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