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School curriculum: The early childhood education outlines, from the Ministry of Education 2017.

Syllabus structure


Development assessment:


1. Student report on development, sent to parents every 3 months about the 4 development aspects.

2. Report of behavior.

3. Child quality assessment – making sure the students meets all criteria's of the National Early Childhood Development Center.


Our dedicated staff are experienced and trained for more than 10 years. They have the knowledge and skills in child development psychology, observation and analysis.  We will provide the right environment and care that will promote the completed development of    your children.

Satit Udomseuksa School Nursery caters to young students by integrating learning through playing and doing, with various stimulating methods which enhance developmental skills. We focus on promoting physical and emotional development in our students, making sure our students develop according to their age level.


Outdoor Activities : These activities are aimed at developing large muscles. It is a chance for students to think for themselves and play independently in the playground area.

Movement and Rhythm Activities : promotes the development of the body. Students can move various parts of the body freely following the music rhythm.

Free play Activities : These activities provide opportunities for students to play according to their interests.  Students are free to play, making decisions of their own.  There are different learning corner themes:  doctor, house, story book, building blocks and science corner.

Creative Activities : students develop thinking and imagination.  Freely expressing their thoughts and feeling. They will learn through various art activities such as drawing, coloring, invention and molding.

Educational Game Activities : These activities allow students to play both in the classroom and outside, in a relaxed atmosphere.  Students will develop in mathematics, language, thinking, observation, comparison, matching and sorting.

Experience Anhancement Activities : these activities allows students to learn through various activities, such as experiments, solving problems through playing games, learning from other learning sources.

Science Activities : Through the science curriculum, students gain a foundation of process skill, analytical thinking, problem solving  abilities  and  start  to do  several  things  by themselves.

Life Skill Activities : Students will learning through the senses. absorbing. Imitation and play with happiness.
Learn how to interaction with others. Most important is cultivating the good moral traits and ethical

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