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Fees: Nursery

Monthly payments only

Satit Udomseuksa School Nursery offers a full time program

for children from 1.6 years old through to 3 years old. 

Our children are placed in the class according to their birth date.


Fee structure

2 weeks Trial       Period Parents can buy school insurance on request

                              but it is not offered for this promotion.

Sleeping mats     Parents are responsible to provide a sleeping mat for

                              the two weeks trial and must purchase a school sleeping

                              mat if they still wish their child to attend Satit Nursery

I.D. Cards             Not needed during trial period

Initial Fees for New Students:


Application fee                                                                                

Insurance  (Up to 10,000 baht/Accident/Case)                          

Sleeping mat, 3 sets of uniform, 1 set of sleeping clothes      

I.D. Card                                                                                           

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