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Documents and evidence of applicants for first year students applying for ‘military student training - RorDor’.

All students who are interest in ‘RorDor’ should be prepared to take a fitness and body check test.  The following documents must also be completed and presented:

1. Application form called Thor.Bor. 349-01 (Ror. Dor. 1), must be completed by hand (collection on 1st July 2020)

2. One copy of the current house registration of the applicant

3. One copy of evidence of any first name or surname change (if any)

4. A copy of your educational certificate, Matayom 3 / Secondary 3  (Phor Por 1), 1 copy

5. 50 baht in cash for the physical / medical examination on the day you report in.

6. 1 colour photo, in school uniform, straight face, do not wear a hat, do not wear glasses, size = 1 inch and half, amount 1.

Documents File

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